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The Handbook on Plumeria Culture by Richard & Mary Helen Eggenberger.
The fourth edition of the plumeria handbook is now available and is a must for the plumeria fancier. The authors have added many new full-page color plates of some fantastic varieties never seen before, a section on family members with photos, and descriptions of several delightful and colorful relatives, as well as a Plumeria Identification Checklist to aid in classification. It’s more beautiful and helpful than ever!
(#7500, $22.95 postpaid)

The Exotic Plumeria (Frangipani) by Elizabeth Thornton and Sharon H. Thornton.
A pictorial delight by one of the world’s expert plumeria growers and founder of the Plumeria Society of America. Filled with excellent color photos, including many of her own seedlings, and liberally interspersed with cultural information, this is a book to whet the appetite of any plumeria enthusiast.
Sorry, Sold Out and no longer in Print (#7516, $xx.xx postpaid)

The Handbook on Oleanders We are pleased to offer the Eggenberger's latest publication, The Handbook on Oleanders, which was made available first from The Plumeria People in the spring of 1996. Following the same format as their popular handbook on Plumerias, the beautiful world of Oleanders is revealed in its extraordinary range of colors and forms. Included are chapters describing numerous named varieties, new free flowering dwarf forms that are ideal for container culture, the history of Oleanders, and the International Oleander Society. All the cultural information you'll need to be able to grow this carefree shrub anywhere in the world is covered in a clear and easily readable style that is illustrated with page after page of breathtaking color photos! A wonderful gift for gardening friends and a must for the serious grower of exotic flowering plants.
(#7501, $22.95 postpaid)

The Hibiscus Handbook by The American Hibiscus Society, eds.
A must for everyone who grows or is interested in growing Hibiscus, this recent publication covers absolutely everything imaginable, from basic information on fertilizing, pruning, transplanting, soils, insect identification and control, etc., to propagation, hybridization, growing in colder climates, photographing and much more. Technical topics are well illustrated with line drawings but best of all are the numerous, excellent color photos of some of the latest hybrids as well as many older favorites.
(#7504, $16.95 postpaid)

The Canna Handbook Written, printed and published by Keith & Christine Hayward of Hart Canna, the NCCPG National Collection Holders of Canna in England.
So far as we are aware this is presently the only published book worldwide dealing solely with cannas. They have taken particular care with naming, one of their responsibilities is to do what they can to establish correct names. Use it to check the names of the cannas in your own garden. Color photographs of over 112 glorious canna cultivars. Many more described. All the Water Cannas are included, as are the variegated leaf cannas, and lots of the species. Plus lots of useful information on canna history, botany, classification, propagation and cultivation, outdoors and in conservatories and greenhouses, in pots, on patios, and in borders. Sections on care of rhizomes, pests and diseases, etc etc. 28 pages plus cover, A5 format.
(#7525, $12.95 postpaid)


November 21, 2010

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