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TROPICAL BLOOM Controlled Release Plumeria Fertilizer (5-32-5) is specifically formulated for maximum bloom on Plumeria, Mandevilla, Allamanda, Periwinkle, Oleander, Jasmines, and most flowering tropicals, also annuals, perennials and other flowering shrubs and vines (except Hibiscus). It is a long lasting, granular, time-release plant food with a very low salt index. Containing high phosphorus as well as added micronutrients, this formula has proved to be extremely effective.
(1 lb. #7400 $6.95) (5 lb. #7401 $ 17.95)

TROPICAL BLOOM Controlled Release Hibiscus Fertilizer (10-4-12) is specifically formulated for all Tropical and Hardy Hibiscus according to recommendations by professional hibiscus growers. It contains low Phosphorus and high potassium in the special balance hibiscus require, as well as additional iron chelate or lush foliage.
(1 lb. #7402 $6.95) (5 lb. #7403 $ 17.95)

TROPICAL BLOOM Controlled Release Bougainvillea Fertilizer (17-7- 10) is specifically formulated for Bougainvilleas, Gingers, Heliconias, Bananas, Flowering Vines and Flowering Shrubs. It is a premium time-release fertilizer that will produce excellent results when applied on a regular monthly schedule during the growing season.
(1 lb. #7404 $6.95) (5 lb. #7405 $ 17.95)

TROPICAL BLOOM for Bulbs, Gingers and Indoor Plants (16-14-13), is a total nutrient formula, containing water-soluble and time-release fertilizers as well as a complete micronutrient formula that may be used safely on all bulbs, gingers and indoor plants (both flowering and foliage types) when applied as directed. You will be amazed at how many more blooms you will get from your plants and the lush growth and vibrant green foliage that will develop with regular applications.
(1 lb. #7413 $6.95) (5 lb. #7414 $17.95)

TROPICAL BLOOM Azalea, Gardenia, Camellia Food (5-20-3)
Azaleas, Gardenias and Camellias are acid loving plants and produce fantastic results when fertilized regularly with our acid forming blend. Excellent for use on Hydrangeas, Hollies and other acid loving plants as well. Our Tropical Bloom AGC Food is formulated to provide balanced nutrients as well as all the required micronutrients to enhance plant health and flower production.
(1 lb. #7417 $6.95) (5 lb. #7418 $17.95)

TROPICAL BLOOM~ Instant Water Soluble Orchid Fertilizer (30-10-10), is immediately available to plants and it contains the purest and highest-grade nutrients that can be found. It is an exclusive water-soluble fertilizer with the perfect blend of major and minor nutrients, allowing for sturdier growth, healthier plants, more blooms, and more intense and beautiful color.
(1 lb. #7420 $9.95) (5 lb. #7421 $27.95)

TROPICAL BLOOM®) Instant Water Soluble African Violet Fertilizer (11-40-20), is a specially blended fertilizer designed for African Violets and great for all flowering houseplants. Again, we have mixed a quality fertilizer utilizing only the finest nutrients available. Fortified with six micronutrients, this fertilizer will produce larger and more colorful blooms!
(1 lb. #7422 $9.95) (5 lb. #7423, $27.95)

FIRST PRIZE Instant Rose Food (10-50-10) (Water soluble)
If you love roses and would like to experience the thrill of Plants laden with blossoms, you will not find a better rose food anywhere. FIRST PRIZE is easy to use, just add water according to directions. The instant water-soluble formula is fortified with chelated micronutrients to promote more flower buds and larger blooms, enhance flower color, and build sturdy stems and strong roots. Feeds through both roots and leaves. FIRST PRIZE contains everything you need to grow prize winning roses. Fertilize every 7 days during the growing and blooming season for superior results.
(1 lb. #7415 $9.95) (5 lb. #7416 $27.95)

SURE BLOOM Water Soluble Fertilizer (9-58-8) is immediately available to plants and contains maximum phosphorus to promote rapid and prolific bloom on Plumerias, Gingers, Bougainvilleas, Jasmine, Gardenias, Pansies, Roses, Azaleas, Flowering Bulbs, Flowering Perennials, Flowering Vines and Shrubs (except Hibiscus). Our exclusive water-soluble formula uses only the finest nutrients available and has the highest possible phosphorus content. Expect quick results on all flowering plants. We recommend alternating SURE BLOOM with TROPICAL BLOOM.
(1 lb. #7407 $9.95) (5 lb. #7419 $27.95)

GREEN THUMB Fertilizer (21-7-11) - This is a revolutionary new formula utilizing the latest technology in nutrient release plant foods. We have seen it restore healthy, lush green foliage to weak, lackluster plants and induce vibrant new growth after the first application. Green Thumb is a combination of water-soluble and time-release fertilizers to assure both immediate and long-term benefits. Safe for all plants when used as directed.
(1 lb. #7408 $6.95) (5 lb. #7409 $17.95)

Superthrive - This is a highly concentrated, organic formula that is like a miracle cure for plants suffering any kind of shock such as from transplanting, over or under watering, sunburn, shipping, sudden change of temperature, etc. It's a great tonic that may be added to your regular watering and fertilizing routine. An easy to use liquid concentrate, a little goes a long way.
(2 oz. #7410 $6.95) (4 oz. #7411 $9.95)

Rooting Hormone - Rooting hormone is widely used to promote rapid and vigorous root production on all kinds of plants. We especially recommend it for Plumeria cuttings. Easy to use, simply moisten end of cutting, dip in powder and shake off excess.
(#7412, $2.95 per pk)

November 21, 2010

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