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Dear Gardening Friends,

In 2000, The Plumeria People closed its doors to business in Leander, TX due to circumstances beyond control. Like many of you I was sad to see them go, and sad to say goodbye to their great collection, those great color catalogs and that quality plumeria food. So, I solved my dilemma. After a lot of thought and effort, I am happy to announce that I bought The Plumeria People and moved it back to Houston, TX where it began. My name is Milton Pierson and I am no stranger to plants or to plumeria. I have been growing plumeria and other tropical plants for many years. I am Chair of the Research Committee for the Plumeria Society of America and have been since 1991 and have authored many articles on the culture of Plumeria. It’s a plant that I collect that I know, and that I love.

I know many of you have been loyal customers for many years and I would like to ask you for a bit of patience. In return I will give you a promise. I will return the Plumeria People to its former state of grace. I will offer quality plants at a fair price and excellent service to boot. I will continue to work at finding and offering new varieties of plumeria and I will continue to offer all the fertilizers. During this my first year, I will offer Plumeria, Cannas, and Crinums, in addition to the two Books on Plumeria. This past week I just finished moving the stock to Houston, and I’m very excited. In addition to these items, I am adding another group of plants, namely the large flowered Thai hybrid Crown of Thorns. These Euphorbia milii hybrids come in hundreds of varieties and I will offer 12 different ones this year.

This catalog is merely a list of available cultivars and I want to apologize in advance for the lack of descriptions. If you have an old Plumeria People catalog please refer to it, otherwise give me a call. In the very near future plumeriapeople.com will be up and running and I promise to fill the web site with beautiful color pictures and great descriptions.

I will continue to offer both cuttings and rooted cuttings. I want to carry unrooted cuttings for several reasons. First; the process of taking a relatively ugly naked plumeria stick and turning it into a full and beautiful flowering plant is not to be taken for granted and it is easy to do. Some gardeners including myself might argue that this botanical journey of transformation is where much of the joy lies. Second; cuttings cost less as they should making it easier to grow a collection; Third, cuttings lend themselves to shipping which makes it much more simple to offer a large number of cultivars. And finally, rooting plumeria is easy, let me say that again, rooting plumeria is easy, and fun.

I will also carry fully rooted cuttings. However, please remember, it takes time to establish a full root ball, how much time? I can’t tell you because all plumeria are not equal. But, I can promise this, if you want a rooted plumeria I will root one for you and I will mail it to you fully rooted. We will always have many rooted plumeria in stock so if you know you want a great yellow or red plumeria, call me and I can tell you which varieties in that color scheme are currently in stock. If you just have to have a P. Dwarf Deciduous for example, then call me and I’ll root one for you.

The phone number is (713) 728-1228. This phone will have an answering machine and fax connected to it to receive your calls during the day. I will call you back when I get the message. This undertaking is a dream for me and I want to thank you for your understanding and patience while I get this company rolling.

Happy gardening!


Milton L. Pierson

The Plumeria People


Please note that we have the only currently available the book written on Plumeria culture The Handbook on Plumeria Culture by Richard & Mary Helen Eggenberger. This is listed in our book section and offers complete information on over-wintering and other aspects of culture as well as many beautiful pictures. This book is a must for those interested in this great plant.


January 16, 2005

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